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NurseHack4Health is a free virtual, weekend-long hackathon presented by Johnson & Johnson, SONSIEL, Microsoft and dev up and hosted on the Microsoft Teams platform.

This event presents a rare opportunity to bring together individuals with a diverse set of ideas and skills—nurses, other healthcare professionals, engineers, IT experts and innovators—to problem-solve in a supportive, inspiring and innovative environment.

NurseHack4Health: Improving Access to Care

We know that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, information has been rapidly changing and gaining access to reliable public health information has been challenging – for schools, health systems, families, long term care facilities, and communities. Participants will focus on how technology can be leveraged to create better outcomes for all in the most pressing areas of education and communication. Central areas of focus may include:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of students and teachers in the classroom,
  • Relaying to the public the importance of vaccines,
  • Breaking down racial disparities and social inequities,
  • Sharing best practices across healthcare providers and facilities,
  • And much, much more.


The substantial disruption to education caused by covid19 is having untold consequences on the knowledge creation, dissemination, and acquisition worldwide. How can we think innovatively about how we safely educate at all levels (k-12, higher education, the general public, patients and families, communities, etc.) amid a continuing pandemic?


As cases of covid19 continues to rise in the US, how we talk about and disseminate information is crucial to the health and public health of our world. How do we use different communication mediums (i.e., social media, podcasts, print media, animated videos, etc.) and methods (verbal, written, oral, physical, etc.) to improve accurate, reliable information while decreasing misinformation?

All participants will be empowered to share their ideas within interdisciplinary teams to drive innovative solutions to COVID-19 related education and communication challenges during a time when gaining access to reliable public health information has been challenging.

And at the end of the weekend, all participants will achieve the greatest prize of all – the opportunity to help improve the global response to COVID-19 and ultimately save lives around the world.

Our Guiding Principles:

Collaboration & Support Diversity & Inclusion Open Innovation for the Greater Good

About The Hackathon:

The NurseHack4Health virtual hackathon will use the MIT open source license, which is one of the most open and popular. It is important that registrants and teams understand that all ideas and artifacts (e.g., code, documentation, etc.) produced during the event will be publicly available on GitHub and open sourced under the MIT license.

Individuals or organizations looking for assistance of any kind on closed source efforts or other copyrighted works may only participate with the understanding that work produced by hackers is open sourced as described previously. (For some, startup accelerators and incubators may be preferred alternatives to our hackathon event.)

About the Organizers:

Johnson & JohnsonSONSIELdev upMicrosoft